We are a youth football and cheer program for kids. We are located on Route 1 in Alexandria, Virginia 22306. We are located at Gum Springs Community Center and our name is Gum Springs Youth Athletic Association (GSYAA).

Sponsored By:   USA FOOTBALL
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Why we need YOUR help.

Football is the most expensive youth sport. Without your help, we would be required to charge fees that would make it virtually impossible for many children to play football.

  1. Helmets alone can cost $90. Each football player is provided with a certified helmet, shoulder pads, pants, pants pads, and jersey. It can possible cost up to $200 to dress out one child successfully.

  2. We must rent the practice and game fields from Fairfax County. We reserve the fields from August-November

  3. Each game has at least 3 referees that are paid based on a contractual agreement with the Fairfax County Youth Football League.

  4. Our players are not able to keep their jerseys unlike other organizations because of our low registration fees. We try to make our program affordable for our community.

Given the diverse socio-economic area GSYAA serves, our mission has always been to make the sport affordable for all.

  1. We charge $100 per football player and $75 for cheerleader. We provide the lowest fees of any of the other 23 organizations that are part of the tackle football system in which GSYAA participates. 

  2. 85% of our families qualify for free and reduced lunch within Fairfax County. As a result, many of our children come from families who are struggling to make ends meet but whom still desire to provide their children with an opportunity to fully enjoy participating in these youth activities and team sports.