We are a youth football and cheer program for kids. We are located on Route 1 in Alexandria, Virginia 22306. We are located at Gum Springs Community Center and our name is Gum Springs Youth Athletic Association (GSYAA).

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 The Rose is an award given every year to a gsyaa cheerleader who truly has a generous caring spirit.
This award originated from a former student of Mr. Rocky Belk's at Longbranch Elementary. One day after a young girl was picked up from school by her mom, her mom asked,
"How was your day?"
"Great!" The girl replied.
" What was the best part of your day?" Asked her mom.
The young girl said,
"Mr. Belk called me a rose."
This is the origin of the Rose.

The young girl was always a very bright student who did well in school. But she could be a little shy and definitely did not enjoy gym class. One day before gym class Mr. Belk gathered the whole class together. He asked the class who is...
Always helpful?
Always nice to others?
Always has a great attitude?
Has the most generous caring spirit?

No one in class could guess who Mr. Belk was talking about. Mr. Belk pointed at the young girl and said,
"She is. This young lady is intelligent, helpful, nice and always has a great attitude. She is a rose."

The Rose award goes to the young lady that reflects the same quality characteristics Mr. Belk saw in his student. This year we want you to pick which one of your fellow cheerleaders deserves the Rose award: $100 in a bouquet of roses.
Please email us the name of the cheerleader you believe should win and why to . The winner will be announced Nov. 17th at the end of year banquet.